Kathy Bates Is Unrecognizable After Dropping 60 Pounds

Kathy Bates Is Unrecognizable After Dropping 60 Pounds
Credit: Source: Dr. Phil

Kathy Bates is thin. In fact, she's so thin she's unrecognizable. The American Horror Story and Misery actress appeared on Dr. Phil's podcast to discuss Lymphedema, but people couldn't stop talking about her amazing weight-loss transformation. Not only has she lost weight, but she's dyed and cut her hair into a midnight-raven, pixie and the results are simply stunning. At 70-years-old, it's safe to say that Kathy Bates looks amazing and according to her, she's never felt better.

During the podcast, she discussed battling cancer twice (she's beaten both breast and ovarian cancer) and discussed Lymphedema. She also spoke a bit about her career.

She shared a response and thank you note to Dr. Phil for having her on his podcast.

Kathy Bates has been busy with her television career as she's been starring in American Horror Story since 2013. She's created some memorable and iconic characters and played the dual role of Ms. Miriam Mead / Madame Delphine LaLaurie on AHS Season 8 American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

On January 11, 2019, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic  On the Basis 0f Sex was released. Bates plays the role of Dorothy Kenyon. She finished filming The Highwayman which is set for a March 29, 2019, release in Italy.

According to an interview with US Magazine, Kathy Bates credits mindfulness with giving her the power to resist temptation and turn the plate away when she's full.

Kathy also spoke about being determined to succeed and using that determination to overcome temptation and practice self-control. She explained that this isn't a race or competition and you don't need to push yourself into losing weight quickly, but rather by practicing mindfulness you will gain the tools that can help you succeed.

Bates told the magazine the following.

"It took a few years. I would say you have to be really patient … I don’t like the word willpower, but I like the word determination."

Kathy Bates is a staple on American Horror Story  and the show is already set for Season 9 and Season 10. Many fans hope that Season 9 will feature aliens and have a space theme. Though cast announcements haven't been made, it looks as though Kathy Bates will be in Season 9.

What do you think of Kathy Bates physical transformation?

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