Katherine Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Life On Fiance Chris Pratt's Farm!

Katherine Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Life On Fiance Chris Pratt's Farm!
Credit: Source: people.com

Katherine Schwarzenegger and her fiancé Chris Pratt spend a lot of time together at his farm, and it sounds like the woman really likes it since she loves animals so much. The farm located on one of Washington State's San Juan islands has a Longhorn cow as well as pigs and sheep!

While in attendance at the premiere in L.A. of the IMAX documentary Superpower Dogs, Arnold’s daughter chatted with E! News.

During a new interview, Katherine dished that ‘We do not live there full time. I have kind of grown up with a bunch of different animals, so it feels really comfortable and at home, and a beautiful part of life.’

Fans were already aware that the two are animal lovers since, last month, Chris took to his Insta page to share a pic of his fiancée at the farm, cuddling an adorable little lamb!

But of course, that was not the only clue. In fact, far from it!

Katherine is also an ASPCA ambassador and dog rescue advocate.

She wrote a kids’ book titled Maverick and Me, published in 2017, that was inspired by her personal experience adopting pups.

As for the title, it was apparently named after her own dog!

About the pet, she previously said: ‘He has made such a huge difference in my life. He has taught me a lot about unconditional love, patience and of course, the importance of animal rescue and dog adoption, which I did not really know much about before him. He has just taught me a lot about life in general, and he's been such a great joy in my life.’


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