Angelina Jolie Dating Mystery Billionaire? - Here's The Truth!

Angelina Jolie Dating Mystery Billionaire? - Here's The Truth!
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Rumor has it that following her nasty divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie managed to find love again, with a billionaire! However, one insider tells HollywoodLife that the actress is still single.

As fans may know, lately, there have been reports that Jolie was romantically involved with a mystery British billionaire.

However, the new insider report insists there is no truth to these rumors.

‘Angelina is not dating anyone serious right now, and she's OK with that. She went through a lonely phase after the split with Brad, but she has gotten over it thanks to the attention and love from her kids. She's not ready to get serious with anyone until her divorce with Brad is finalized. Until then, she will continue to make her kids and her work her focus,’ the source told the news outlet.

The main reason why she is not looking for Mr. Right is apparently just the fact that she dedicates her whole time to her kids.

‘She is not dating any actors, no billionaires from Europe and she is definitely not going to be seeing Brad again. It’s just her and the kids for now, which is just fine by her.’

That being said, not too long ago, another insider report claimed Brad Pitt had been worried Angie is spoiling their six kids too much.

It is no secret that the actress takes the young ones with her on trips all over the world quite often, in addition to their many shopping sprees and theme park trips.

While some may think she is being a good mom by spending time with the bunch and making memories with them outside the home, the source told the site that Pitt is not convinced it’s a good idea since they may become spoiled rotten!

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