Kim Zolciak Says She'd NEVER Return To RHOA No Matter How Much They Offer Her!

Kim Zolciak Says She'd NEVER Return To RHOA No Matter How Much They Offer Her!
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Bad news for RHOA fans that would like to see Kim Zolciak back on the show! It turns out that the woman is not planning on ever returning, regardless of how much money they offer her!

This is what the Don’t Be Tardy matriarch stressed during a new interview with HollywoodLife!

When asked if she would ever rejoin the cast, Kim said: ‘Nope. Never. [They] do not have enough money. Girl, goodbye. See you later RHOA.’

She then went on to explain the reason why she would rather stay away from the series forever.

‘No, it's just so much negativity. I can’t. It is a lot of negativity. I prefer to stay in the positive lane of things. I learned my lesson. I do not know what I was thinking, going back.’

As fans know, Zolciak left the show back in 2012 but returned as a recurring character last year.

She apparently ‘thought people had changed, things would be more positive, and they just weren’t. They just end up so negative and if it’s not combative and people are not arguing, I guess these people don’t think [the audience is] going to watch. I don’t know. I like filming with my family [on Don’t Be Tardy]. It is a dream and I will just stick to that. I mean seriously, it’s a lot.’

So it sounds like she really could not stand the show’s atmosphere!

That is not to say she is at war with all the Housewives.

Kim gushed over her friend Sheree Whitfield, with whom she still keeps in touch, saying about her that ‘she will always be [her] girl.’

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