Kate Gosselin Is Looking For Love In Newly Released ‘Kate Plus Date’ Trailer – Watch It Here

Kate Gosselin Is Looking For Love In Newly Released ‘Kate Plus Date’ Trailer – Watch It Here
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Kate Gosselin is looking for love in the new TLC show Kate Plus Date , and the official trailer is finally here.

The reality TV star is ready to not only put her life back on television but also to take a chance on love after nearly a decade of being single. In the new series, the single mom is put through a series of first dates, some good and some bad, as she hopes to find a life partner.

Now that her kids are getting older, twins Mady and Cara are headed off to college in the fall and sextuplets, Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah are teenagers, Kate is ready to get back out into the dating world. All of her kids are onboard and will be slightly featured in the new series helping their mom navigate the new lifestyle of dating.

In the new series, the 44-year-old won't be using apps like Tinder or Bumble to find a man. Kate is turning to professionals to help her dip her toes into the dating pool. Rachel DeAlto and Adam LoDolce are the chosen ones to find the outspoken and blunt mom a man.

The six-part series will follow Kate on ten different dates, with her having to choose two men to go on a second date. Mady and Cara give their commentary throughout the new show. TLC blessed fans with a teaser clip for the new reality show. It features Kate in all of her glory. The show is entertaining, as well as intriguing to see her going on dates.

It has been ten years since Kate and her ex-husband Jon embraced on a nasty split. Their divorce, especially the custody battle of their eight children, was anything but pleasant. Life between the former couple is still tense and has gotten worse since their son Colin decided he wanted to live with his father.

Kate Gosselin is back on the market. She rose to fame by being the no holds bar mom in an unhappy marriage. They were one of the most popular reality TV families around until the divorce, which forced TLC to cancel the series.

Now she is putting it all on the line once again to find love. Only this time around she is older, her children are older, and Kate is ready for the next phase of her life.

Kate Plus Date premieres on June 10th on TLC.


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