Tamar Braxton Cries After Her Son, Logan, And David Adefeso Teamed Up For This Huge Gesture On Her Special Day

Tamar Braxton Cries After Her Son, Logan, And David Adefeso Teamed Up For This Huge Gesture On Her Special Day
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Logan Vincent Herbert, son of Tamar Braxton, teamed up with her boyfriend, David Adefeso, for one of the sweetest Mother's Day gestures ever.

Cutie Logan sat down with David to write a sweet letter to his mom. The little boy confessed to doing mischievous things and getting in trouble.

Logan also reminded the world that he is just a child who hates vegetables and loves riding his bike.

Vincent Herbert's son told his mother that he loves her very much and she is his best friend.

Here is Logan's sweet letter: "A letter to mom: I talk back sometimes; I don’t always pick up my toys; I go too fast on my mini scooter even though I know it drives you crazy, and I really hate fruits😫. But I want to tell you something... I like it when you hug me, I like the way you laugh...it makes me laugh too, I miss you when you’re traveling for work...but I know you always come back to me. You are my MOM, and you are my friend. I feel safe when I’m with you, and I feel happy because I know you love me. And because I love you. Together forever... your son and best friend, Logan. Happy Mother’s Day.✨"

Tamar responded by saying that she cried.

One person had this reaction: "Awwww that was so sweet even at his age he gets how much his mom loves him and the sacrifices that she makes for him and everything she does in his best interest and that a true proud mom moment and Tamar you are a great mother."

This fan revealed: "Shout out to all the Mother’s...Step Mother’s...Mother’s who stepped up...Grandmother’s...Mother’s in law...Aunties...Spiritual Mother’s...Mentors ...As parents...We don't get it right all of the time...But we're committed...I'm honored to be in the HOOd. Happy Mother's Day Awe That's So Sweet Logan Knows The sacrifices You Make For Him You're An Amazing Awesome Mother Tamar."

Another commenter wrote: "And he so has your personality. I died with laughter when he told his grandfather that he going to told grandma on him that he carry is a woman on the trip. I said this little guy is too sensible."

This critic slammed Tamar for posting a video of Logan: "Wow. Sad for her and Kim doing this to kids. I'm not nor b a perfect parent, but really. Do you boo? It's only MY opinion. Maybe no one else but a stranger say it. Your family is soooooo strong, don't do that to him is all I'm saying. Sisterhood ain't like that. That's them, other strangers. I don't make yo money soooo. You feel cool, feel cool. No hate or shade. None."

Tamar and Logan seem to be warming up to David.

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