Kate Gosselin Says Twins Mady And Cara Could Get Their Own Spin-Off Show!

Kate Gosselin Says Twins Mady And Cara Could Get Their Own Spin-Off Show!
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Kate Gosselin teased that her and Jon’s oldest daughters, twins Mady and Cara might just get their own reality TV spin-off! Here’s what the mother of 8 had to say!

While in attendance at a Television Critics Association event yesterday, Kate promoted her brand new show, Kate Plus Date that focuses on her finding love again with the help of the two girls as well as professional matchmakers!

When asked if the teens would get spin-offs about their college lives and growing up, the mother did not say no!

‘I mean that is absolutely up to them. I think it is something that Mady and Cara have discussed potentially. And that is up to them. I imagine as with anything, some may want to, some may not. And that is totally fine. It is up to them. It has always been up to them,’ Kate responded.

It’s nice to hear that she is letting them decide.

She also noted that being on TV while growing up has truly ‘enriched their lives’ and that they are all very ‘intelligent’ and well-adjusted.

‘It has made them world-wise and taught them a lot about people’s intentions I think more so than other kids their age. So they are very intelligent and informed, and I don’t worry about that. They’ve turned out great, and they are very supportive of this, and it’s opened up so many opportunities for our family. And, so, it’s been great.’

Kate made it clear that while there are ‘bads’ in any situation, in this case, the ‘goods’ have greatly outweighed the bads.

After all, reality TV has allowed the woman to earn money for her kids while still being at home and raising them.

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