Kate Bosworth Reveals Why She Stopped Dating Actors After Orlando Bloom Romance Ended

Kate Bosworth Reveals Why She Stopped Dating Actors After Orlando Bloom Romance Ended
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Kate Bosworth recently revealed why she stopped dating actors after her romance with Orlando Bloom ended years ago.

Earlier this week Bosworth stopped by Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen for a chat. During the fan call-in portion, she was asked what was the "biggest lesson" she learned from her time with Bloom. It was a question the actress knew was going to be asked, so she had a candid response prepared.

"Oh man, well, I married a director, sorry," Bosworth stated bluntly then laughed.

Cohen pointed out quickly that actor's dating other actors is not always be a good thing.

"No Bueno," expressed the blonde beauty on actors getting together romantically. She then went on to at least give a reason why she doesn't think actors should date other actors.

"It's just, it's too much of the same thing. He is so lovely. Truly I am not mean," Bosworth responded.

The host took time to let the Blue Crush star know Bloom gave her a shout out on Howard Stern recently. He went on to inform her the actor shared Bosworth helped him out during at a challenging time in his life.

"Oh, did he? Yeah, we are still really really good friends," she expressed before continuing to recap the impact of Bloom being thrust into stardom after Pirates of the Caribbean.

"It hit when we were together. I think when you kind of go through something like that with someone, it's like you feel like that's a real anchor in many ways because it was just crazy. We would land at airports, and he would have, like, girls, like, lifting their shirts up. It was just wild," the 36-year-old shared on dealing with fame.

Kate Bosworth's two-year romance with Orlando Bloom was enough for her to swear off actors, but it had nothing to do with him personally. The two had a sweet reunion a few years ago at the Dior Homme Cocktail Reception in Los Angeles event.

The actress has been married to director Michael Polish for six years. They met when he directed her in the film Big Sur. Fans know Bloom is engaged to singer Katy Perry . The two are in the process of wedding planning.

There is nothing but love between Bloom and Bosworth. Everything turned out the way it was supposed to for both of them.

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