Kate Bosworth Has Filed For Divorce From Michael Polish On Year After Their Initial Split

Kate Bosworth Has Filed For Divorce From Michael Polish On Year After Their Initial Split
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer

Kate Bosworth is an American actress who has been in many amazing shows since she first began acting. She's truly one of the most beautiful actresses in the world and she's known for it. Michael Polish is a film director that has made a lot of amazing movies people love.

The two first started dating in 2011 after Michael Polish directed one of the films that Kate was in. They first got engaged in August 2012 and married just a year later. However, the two have recently split after 8 years of being together.

Kate had announced her split from Michael a year ago. However, the divorce has been filed and finalized this year. Kate filed for divorce from Michael in a Los Angeles court on Friday.

Kate had shared a black and white photo of the couple kissing on August 21. In the caption, she wrote that the beginning of any relationship was the best part. She said that it was the little things like sharing a burger and sharing some whiskey shots that would make the relationship worth it.

In the caption, she also wrote that fearing losing a good relationship was very common. However, it was important to remember to love rather than fear. She spoke about how the little things even now mattered and how a tiny flicker could light a whole furnace.

However, Kate has since moved on with Justin Long. Justin had confirmed his relationship status in December of 2021 and it had turned out that Kate was his special lover. She had already hinted at having feelings for him back in May of 2021 when she spoke about him in an interview.

She complimented him on an Instagram post she had made at the time. The feelings that she had for Justin were very visible and so the two beginning to date wasn't a big surprise for the public.


However, fans are upset at the split between Kate and Michael. They do however wish the best for them and hope that they find happiness wherever they go.


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