Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her Long Legs And Toned Abs In Adorable Clip Of Her Playing With Her Dog!

Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her Long Legs And Toned Abs In Adorable Clip Of Her Playing With Her Dog!
Credit: Source: maxim.com

Kate Beckinsale took to social media to share yet another stunning post that proves she is never going to age! The actress showed off her long legs and toned abs in a clip that also featured her adorable pet dog!

Kate was playing around with the cute pup and while that is usually what everyone pays attention to whenever there is an animal in any video or photo, this time around, a lot of her followers could not help but praise her untimely looks.

Many of the comments were about how she was radiant and so youthful to the point that fans were seriously considering she might be a mythical creature and therefore not human!

The 46 year old actress looks at least half her age and lately, she’s been making headlines for also dating accordingly, her current boyfriend being only 22!

But no matter what some people may say, Kate loves living her life in her own way even in quarantine!

Alongside the video she posted, she wrote: ‘If life ever goes back to normal I might be in trouble as my expectation of a morning greeting is now unrealistically high.’

Fans left many comments such as: ‘Are you a vampire? 46 and haven’t aged a day over 29?’ and ‘You’re so cute ! But don’t worry, you’re not alone being this crazy, every morning, I dance with my cat. Stay safe Kate.’

As for her tendency to date much younger men, Kate previously addressed the criticism, arguing that there is still a gross double standard in today’s society: ‘It can feel a little bit like a political act to be a woman over 32 who is having any fun at all. Being goofy, going out, and not going, ‘Oh my God I am going to sit at home and anticipate menopause all while crocheting.’ Unless you are doing that, it somehow seems to be risque, which is just ridiculous to me.’

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