Barack Obama Says That Trump's Response To COVID-19 Pandemic Was A 'Chaotic Disaster'

Barack Obama Says That Trump's Response To COVID-19 Pandemic Was A 'Chaotic Disaster'
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, recently, in which he described President Trump's response to the coronavirus as a "chaotic disaster." Reportedly, Barack made his remarks while speaking with the Obama Alumni Association.

Obama said in his speech that Americans all over the nation are fighting against not just the coronavirus, but "division," "tribalism," and also the othering of the enemy. The ex-president said much of these qualities have become a "stronger impulse" in the American cultural fabric.

Obama did admit, however, that the situation would've been terrible regardless of who was in charge, but regardless, he did claim the supposed tribalist mindset inhibited Trump's administration to responding properly to the threat.

As you may know, the coronavirus pandemic has led to the death of 75,000 Americans and there have been a reported 1 million cases in the United States alone.

Adding to Barack's original point, the former president said he and the rest of Americans are fighting back not against an individual or a political party, but a way of looking at things and a way of acting toward others.

Barack went on to say that he would be fully endorsing the campaign of Joe Biden. Recently, Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a number of women, although, discussions surrounding the topic have been wholly muted on account of the pandemic.

Obama was in the news earlier this week for another reason. Ashley Mitchell reported this year that Obama made a brief appearence in the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance, however, he was referred to as a "former Chicago resident," rather than the former president.

Fans online took to their social media platforms to express their confusion over the lack of attribution of Barack's old occupation.

Twitter users wondered out loud how they would describe him as a "former Chicago resident" instead of an ex-president of one of the most powerful nations on earth.

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