Karen Gillan Responds To Martin Scorsese 'Theme Park' Comments Regarding Marvel Movies - Says They Are Definitely 'Cinema'

Karen Gillan Responds To Martin Scorsese 'Theme Park' Comments Regarding Marvel Movies - Says They Are Definitely 'Cinema'
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According to a report from TheHollywoodReporter.com, Karen Gillan, who portrays Nebula in the Guardians Of The Galaxy series, said to reporters from the outlet that James Gunn "injects so much of his own personality" as well as his comedic style into the movies, despite what Martin Scorsese may say.

Responding to Scorsese's recent remarks, Gillan claimed Marvel movies are definitely cinema because Gunn is able to represent himself through the films. "He's an artist," Karen said to the outlet, describing the comic books movies as "very cinematic."

As it was previously reported, Karen Gillan is just one of many entertainers who responded to Martin's recent remarks regarding comic book movies not being true "cinema." The director claimed that the Marvel movies failed to showcase the human element of the life of another person.

Karen said succinctly that cinema is story-telling through the use of "visuals," so it's clear the Marvel films count as "cinema." Moreover, Gillan described the Guardians Of The Galaxy films as also a representation of James Gunn's style, stating that she was disappointed by The Irishman director's opinion of them.

While at the Pacific Palisades Will Rogers State Park, she said that the movies have so much "heart and soul," and a lot of that has to do with James' directing style. Earlier this week, Martin was speaking with reporters from Empire magazine and he claimed he just couldn't get into the Marvel movies on account of their lack of "cinematic" qualities.

Scorsese went on to say they were a lot like "theme parks," rather than "cinema." It's unclear what Martin thinks of the latest critically acclaimed comic book movie, Joker, directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The movie has received critical acclaim this far, and also smashed box office records for October, beating out stiff competition from films like Venom as well as  It: Chapter Two.   Joker earned $93 million from its opening weekend.

Another star to criticize Martin's comments was Samuel L. Jackson, who said that everybody out there has "got an opinion," so, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter.

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