Kanye West Just Named Michelle Tidball As His Vice President

Kanye West Just Named Michelle Tidball As His Vice President
Credit: Vanity Fair

Kanye West has been making lots of headlines lately, following his mental health problems. Recently, it's been just revealed that he's trying to work things out with his wife, Kim Kardashian .

Kim Kardashian  and  Kanye West  had a pretty tough time lately.  Kim went to see Kanye  amidst the family drama. This was the first time when these two reunited following Ye’s rants on Twitter.

The other day, it's been revealed that the couple is taking much-needed vacation time to work on a few things.

TSR quotes TMZ’s sources who reportedly revealed that just the other day that ‘the couple got on a private jet to take a family vacation with hopes of working out some of the recent hiccups within their relationship.’

Anyway, now, new reports are out and this time, it's about Kanye's political career.

TSR revealed that Ye continues his moves towards becoming a presidential candidate. He has officially named a Vice President, according to TMZ TV.

'It’s being reported that Ye will run alongside a woman by the name of Michelle Tidball and has named her in the Arkansas filing as his official VP. As far as his campaign goes, the spokesperson for the Arkansas Secretary of State told #TMZ that Kanye turned in his required 1000 signature to become an independent candidate. They also made sure to mention he turned in the signatures with just 15 minutes before the official deadline,' TSR writes.

We recommend that you check out the complete post by TSR in order to learn some details about this woman.

People are not taking Ye seriously.

Someone said: 'Nobody’s voting for him please stop,' and another follower posted this: 'I ain’t gon sit up here and bash him like everybody else but he needs a lot of psychological evaluations.'

A commenter said: 'Take your medication and get off your phone Kanye,' and someone else also posted this message: 'He just keeps popping back with this every time I start to think it’s over.'

Another annoyed commenter said: 'Why are we still entertaining this.....WHY.'

What do you think about Ye's plans?

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