Eva Marcille Talks About Women Leaders And Doing What's Right For The City

Eva Marcille Talks About Women Leaders And Doing What's Right For The City
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Eva Marcille addressed what's right for the city and also brought up woman leaders. See her post and what she has to say to her fans and IG followers.

'Women leaders IN the city standing UP and doing what's right FOR our city. @KeepPaulHowardDA is the only way to vote. Early voting until August 7th including Saturday. ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, August 11th,' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I just can’t, he has a way too many cases on his desk involving black men because MF killed or treated unjustly by the police. I’m angry with him. He should have done better by his people because he knows better. So disappointed. I like Mr Paul but he can not have my vote.'

A commenter responded: 'THANK YOU! And he thinks getting these “celebrities” to post is going to sway our decision.'

Someone else said: 'It would be to his advantage to say that out loud to the public. We have no knowledge or understanding of that. Sitting silent allowing people to come up with why he’s not doing anything is a disadvantage to him. He needs to speak loud and clear about these things. Having cases sit for 3, 4 , 5 years is unacceptable period no matter the reason.'

A follower posted this: 'he says it and has said it, on multiple platforms. You would be surprised how much the mayor and police unions make it hard for him the same people who are backing Fani Willis smh please do research and really understand what is going on.'

Someone else said: 'I am aware of police unions. They are the worst. I will research for sure. I’m not counting him out 100% at this time. Something has to give. You are either for us or you are against us. We are sick and tired!!! I will get back with you on what I find out.'

In other cuter news, not too long ago, Eva Marcille  shared a photo featuring her son, Mikey, and his best friend. These two kids could not be any sweeter as you will see in the pic.

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