Ammika Harris Turns To God In Breathtaking Photo Amid Rift With Baby Daddy Chris Brown

Ammika Harris Turns To God In Breathtaking Photo Amid Rift With Baby Daddy Chris Brown
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This week, Chris Brown 's baby mama, Ammika Harris, jumped on Instagram, and she shared a stunning photo where she is standing on a mountain top.

The model who currently lives in Germany revealed that the photo was taken a while ago, but used the caption to say at this moment in her life she has decided to turn to God for refuge.

The mother of one wrote: "Up Here, where I am close to God."

Ammika posted the photo and religious message just days after she and Chris hit the unfollow button on each other.

A source told Hollywood Life that Chris and Ammika are going through some issues at the moment, but it will not last.

The person stated: “Chris and Ammika unfollowed each other on social media, but it won’t last long. Their relationship is complicated, but who could blame them? They have their ups and downs just like everybody else, plus they’re living under a microscope with the added pressure of being on different continents.”

The family friend went on to reveal: “Not being able to see each other in person and spend real time together, all while being quarantined, would make anybody frustrated. They have so much going on, and they’ve been making the best of it after not being together, and Chris not seeing his son in person for six months now. They’ll be fine, and it’s really not a big deal. They’ll likely be flirting on social media again in no time.”

The pal concluded by: “The long-distance is extremely hard, and sometimes social media just makes it worse, so they are both taking a break from being on each other’s pages right now. This has happened before, and they still talked to each other in real life, and that’s the same now. They have a complicated relationship, but no matter what is going on with them, Chris and Ammika always stay in regular contact because of Aeko.”

The insider added: “Her Instagram post are tributes to Chris to show her appreciation that although they can’t physically be together now, Chris has been there for her and Aeko since day one and how much he means to them."

For the sake of the baby, many are hoping they will solve the matter.

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