Kanye West Gets R&B Group 112 To Sing To Kim Kardashian On Facetime: 'KUWK' Star Fangirls Hard!

Kanye West Gets R&B Group 112 To Sing To Kim Kardashian On Facetime: 'KUWK' Star Fangirls Hard!
Credit: Source: W Magazine

Kanye West is no stranger to romantic gestures. His latest one made his wife, Kim Kardashian, fangirl almost as much as she did when she met Cher!

The 'Yandhi' rapper was able to get legendary R&B group 112 to sing for the mother of three via Facetime. The group, whose vocals are still on point, serenaded the 'KUWK' star with hit song Cupid.

This may not seem like a big deal for the younger generation, but anyone who was born in the '70s or '80s have probably heard of the male singers and may have been a fan.

Kim even took to Twitter to post a video and freak out over the amazing experience.

She tweeted: "You guys have no idea how much that call means to me!!!!! 112 is my favorite group! I literally almost cried! Kourtney and Khloe completely feel me. They love 112 too."

The couple preparing for another baby via surrogate. After having an amazing surrogacy experience when they welcomed their youngest daughter, Chicago, the two almost immediately went searching for another surrogate which they found.


This news was only shared almost three weeks ago but it turns out they are farther along in the process than originally thought.

Kim and Kanye will reportedly welcome their baby boy in May!

It's understandable why the reality star kept this under wraps for as long as possible considering what happened the last time the media found out she was using a surrogate.

The woman's personal information was spread across the internet and Kim worried for her safety.

She opened up about the scary experience on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

"I really hope the speculation dies down and people don't dig more to try and get more info. I have signed up for this life, and I know how to handle it, but someone like her does not, and I would never want to put her in that situation."


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