Kandi Burruss Speaks On It Following The Most Recent RHOA Episode - Here's Her YouTube Video

Kandi Burruss Speaks On It Following The Most Recent RHOA Episode - Here's Her YouTube Video
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss decided to share a new Speak on It video on her YouTube channel just after the latest RHOA episode, which aired the other day.

This new episode had fans talking about Kenya Moore and the relationship that she had with Marc Daly.

While a lot of people bashed Kenya and said that she's being treated so poorly due to karma, there were also a lot of supporters who said that Kenya should be treated better by a man with whom she has a child.

Some fans said that Marc was definitely bullying Kenya in public with his attitude.

On the other hand, people praised Kandi and told her that she has some amazing facial expressions that keep this show alive.

Kandi also shared a video following this episode in which she's sharing her thoughts on YouTube.

'The new episode of #RHOA came on tonight & as always y’all know I had to #SpeakOnIt! Check it out on my Youtube #KandiOnline,' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I can’t stand the way Marc treats Kenya. I understand her wanting a husband and family; however, you do not have to allow a man to chastise you like a child. If he does this in public, how is it in private?'

Another follower said: 'Kandi, Marc was lying he did know that Kenya didn't invite NeNe. She told him when they were sitting at the pool with Brooklyn. Ken-vs-Kenya, if you can't be heard & can't be yourself, it won't work.'

A commenter wrote this: 'I do not understand how Nene is confused as to why Kenya left her event. If you’re hosting an event and you’re not there when the event starts, that means you do not respect your guests’ time, so if I do not like you and you show that you do not respect my time, you should not have anything to say about me leaving.'

Another person on YouTube said this about Marc: 'He’s Controlling, because if the situation was reversed & Ken was cool with someone he didn’t like & was inviting the person around His group of friends AND Not to mention if Ken went against him in public...his head will pop off... he know these people thru her being on a show, so how is he gonna tell her who to be cool with...'

What did you think about Marc's attitude?


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