NeNe Leakes Is In High Spirits While Singing A Toni Braxton Tune - Her Fans Complain About RHOA

NeNe Leakes Is In High Spirits While Singing A Toni Braxton Tune - Her Fans Complain About RHOA
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NeNe Leakes shared a video on her social media account in which she's getting ready on the RHOA set. In the background, you can her queen Toni Braxton's music, and NeNe is singing along.

While a lot of people made sure to praise NeNe's looks, some RHOA fans are complaining about the show and what it became these days compared to how it used to be.

Just check out NeNe's video below and what her fans have to say.

Someone asked: 'Where have you been ?? Nene, we miss seeing you!! stay on the show !!' and another follower seemed really disappointed on the show: 'I am a fan of this show since the beginning, but I cannot watch it anymore I am so unhappy with how this show is where it is at....'

A follower loved that NeNe is playing some Toni Braxton music: 'The way you show Toni and her music love is simply beautiful.'

A follower told NeNe that they 'Watched the marathon of RHOA and I loved you then and love you now!'

Someone else said: 'Seeing you and Cynthia try to work it out and move on is very annoying to me. Why do you guys have to go back and forth with the blame game? You did this, well you did this three times, I didn’t do that, I didn’t do that either neither one takes blame for anything it was so sad to see the two of you acting like that when you both say you wanna move on OMG.'

One of NeNe's fans said: 'Ok, Queen, I only tune in now when you say you're on the show. I'm not watching like I used to because you're not on all the time. You are the only reason I watched RHOA from day one.'

As you know, some rumors are claiming that NeNe will be quitting RHOA after this season, and this breaks fans' hearts.

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