Kandi Burruss Posts Her 'Speak On It' Episode About RHOA's Season 12 Finale

Kandi Burruss Posts Her 'Speak On It' Episode About RHOA's Season 12 Finale
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss uploaded a much-awaited video on her YouTube channel and her fans are in awe! She posted the new Speak on It episode about the RHOA season 12 finale, and you can also check it out below.

'My Speak On It about the finale is up on my Youtube now! We did a little something different with this week’s speak on it. I gave you a lot of footage from my baby shower where a lot of my friends & family spoke on our pink carpet. I also gave my view on the episode! Check it out on my Youtube page KandiOnline!' Kandi told her Instagram fans.

A follower had an observation to make about Mama Joyce and her relation with Todd Tucker : 'Kandi, WE THE PEOPLE need you to start standing up for YOUR HUSBAND TODD!!!! We’re all tired of your mama treating him LESS THAN. He’s a great husband after six years of marriage and two beautiful kids, she should RESPECT than MAN BY NOW!!! Old school or not RESPECT GOES both ways. I love you and TODD relationship and you will let the enemies win if y’all GET A DIVORCE, so please TODD and KANDI love on each other.'

Another follower said: 'Thanks, Kandi, for sharing your life with us. You are inspiring, kind, and entertaining, for that you are genuinely appreciated. May God continue to bless you until time indefinite. ❤️'

Check out the actual video that Kandi uploaded on YouTube here:

On YouTube, people seemed to have the same issue with Todd and Mama Joyce.

Someone told Kandi: 'Your momma was selfish, she could have and should have set herself aside to be by YOUR side...it wasn't about her!'

Another person on YouTube said: 'EXACTLY!!!! Like Kandi, I'm not trying to be rude, but when do you hold your Mom accountable for her actions, I feel that's not fair to your Husband. I mean, I totally agree why he didn't want to speak cause honestly Kandi you know if he spoke she probably wouldn't even speak to him???? Plus I don't think he wanted to be rude he just wasn't in the mood for the BS. You know Todd is not a disrespectful type of guy so you know he had to have a lot on his mind. Come on! He can't have a bad day? But he has to put his feelings aside and Mama Joyce doesn't?'

Someone else wrote: 'Kandi, you have to start standing up for Todd. He doesn’t want to say anything because they are already on shaky ground and it’s YOUR Mom. And he doesn’t want to disrespect you by disrespecting her. Moms can be toxic. Joyce is toxic to your marriage. You have to stand up for Todd before you are back single and Todd has custody of the kids.'

What are your thoughts on Kandi's latest Speak on It episode?


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  • Sharon
    Sharon Apr 24, 2020 11:14 AM PDT

    I just think Mama Joyce sees that Todd is not right for her daughter. He always seems like he up to something. Whatever is going on, Mama Joyce will see through him.

  • Natalie Rice
    Natalie Rice Apr 24, 2020 12:51 AM PDT

    I thought before they got married he signed a prenup I don't understand why her mother is worried is it because she can't find love and Kandy has. I think it's sad and very hurting that she has to go through this and mama joyce need to leave them alone and mind her business. Andy please find her a man & so she can stop being so ignorant on national TV. Having class is within you not because you have money. She's an embarrassment to the black race. It sounds like she's the gold digger and want the money. I do respect my elders but on national TV I have no respect for her. I bet if you give your mother a million she'll shut up for life.

  • Sue day
    Sue day Apr 23, 2020 4:40 PM PDT

    Kandy Kandy Kandy little girl when are U going 2 Grow up business smart U have but woman smart U are very Dumb. U don't let anyone get into your Marriage didn't U hear the words your father said when he married U and Todd. It time 2 Grow up or U will be very alone with your mama & your so call money. Don't take Todd Manhood because a real woman will Lift Him right up. Let him go and see.

  • Sister Mary
    Sister Mary Apr 22, 2020 9:37 PM PDT

    Momma Joyce, is right trying to protect Kandi money, and assets. If something happen and all of your money is in a trust its protected. unexpected things happens all the time. Kandi listen to momma Joyce this time.

  • Angela Alexander
    Angela Alexander Apr 22, 2020 7:11 PM PDT

    Kandi, it's time you had a SERIOUS TALK with your mother before she causes a separation or worse between you and Todd. She constantly harps on "Todd being after your money", are you sure it's not HER that wants the money?!? She really needs to be checked - she's VERY disrespectful when it comes to Todd and you just stand and say nothing! I'm surprised Todd hasn't RElly "gone off" on her - but let her keep on and he will!! Todd's a good guy - you're gonna let your mama run him away if you're not careful😥

  • Beautifull
    Beautifull Apr 22, 2020 5:18 PM PDT

    Kandi, to afraid to let her mom know that she has no part in her marriage she just need her to support her and be there for a listening ear if her or Todd need to talk with her, because what is going to happen Kandi, will end up alone and Ms. Joyce, would be PLEASE with that!

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