Kandi Burruss Opens Up About Family Member Who 'Really Hurt Her Feelings' When She Chose Surrogacy

Kandi Burruss Opens Up About Family Member Who 'Really Hurt Her Feelings' When She Chose Surrogacy
Credit: Source: Bravo

Struggling to conceive or carry naturally is a struggle many women go through that is unfortunately still treated like a taboo. Kandi Burruss is using her platform and experience as a teaching tool to explain the process of surrogacy.

Unfortunately, not everyone was supportive when they found out that another woman was carrying her new baby girl, Blaze Tucker.

In a new Speak On It video uploaded to her Youtube channel, she recalled a time that one of her family members hurt her feelings.

'There was a moment where I definitely felt guilty. I got a little teary eyed because there was a family member of mine, they just kind of text me when they first found out I was thinking about a surrogate and they were like, ‘I mean…why you wanna have a surrogate? Don’t you wanna just carry the baby by yourself?’ It was on text message. I replied and was like, ‘Well, I would if I could but obviously I had issues with delivering in my last pregnancy.’ They were like, ‘Don’t you want to be able to bond with your baby?’ They said some other stuff like, ‘Why wouldn’t you just get one of your family members to help you?’ It was just a lot and I was just like, okay, family member [laughs]. She really hurt my feelings.'

She went on to say that she doesn't think that the unnamed relative was saying those things to be mean.

The ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta have been open about their struggles to conceive or bring a baby to full term.

Her co-star, Kenya Moore, is considering surrogacy to welcome a sibling for her daughter Brooklyn Daly. Kenya also had to undergo IVF to welcome her first daughter.

Porsha Williams is now the mother of a beautiful rainbow baby named Pilar McKinley after previously having a miscarriage.

It's great to see that women are speaking up to normalize things that other women go through.


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