Kandi Burruss' Latest Controversial Photo With Trina Rock Starr Triggers Hateful Comments

Kandi Burruss' Latest Controversial Photo With Trina Rock Starr Triggers Hateful Comments

Kandi Burruss shared a photo from one of her recent shows in which she's together with one of her special guest stars, Trina Rock Starr. The photo triggered a lot of hateful comments targeting Kandi's outfit for her show, but there were also lots of fans who defended their favorite RHOA star.

'Tonight in St Louis was fun! Dallas you’re next!' Kandi captioned her photo last night.

Someone else slammed Kandi for her outfit: ''Look what you got on? Soooo! Inappropriate! What are you proving! I have had Instagram for years never looked at it or commented on until now! So degrading! Come on out some clothes on!😢'

More people agreed and said that this is not the day a mother and a wife should be dressing.

A lot of people were here for Kandi's look and show and hopped in the comments to praise her.

A fan said 'Kandi I love you... been watching housewives forever... love your strength... you take no crap and very outspoken about how you feel... like that... you are a badass... keep up the great work that you do... make that paper.'

One other commenter posted: 'You ladies look amazing!!!! Y’all been killing the tour! Glad you’ll be able to go on vacation soon. ☺️😘'

Someone else wrote: '@kandi I truly enjoyed it! I left the hospital today just so I wouldn’t miss the show. Back in bed for me but I wanted to say thank you.'

One other commenter just wrote: 'I’m so ready @kandi!!! Missed the VIP tickets, by the time I got word you were coming, but standing or not, I’m in that thang! From Disney (Aladdin last night) to the Dungeon (tonight) 😂😂💛💛'

Recently Kandi rocked a yellow gorgeous dress and Tamar Braxton was here for it and she even wanted the outfit for herself.


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