Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Don't Get Tired Of Eating At Their Own Restaurant, Old Lady Gang - Check Out Their Video

Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Don't Get Tired Of Eating At Their Own Restaurant, Old Lady Gang - Check Out Their Video
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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker's OId Lady Gang restaurant is going great and everyone who tried it agrees. The couple also loves to eat there, and Kandi's latest video is about it. Check it out below and see how Kandi is praising the food.

'You would think that we would get tired of eating at our own restaurant, but we don’t! @oldladygang food is banging! Try the new fried salmon bites appetizer if you stop by,' Kandi captioned the video.

Someone told her that they 'Hope y'all do an Old Lady Gang pop up in Cali area at some point in 2019!! Thanks!'

Another follower had a lovely message for Kandi and her family: 'Hey my favorite couple how y’all doing in 2019. I hope y’all had a great time. Best restaurant to eat at, y’all should never get tired of eating there. You can always change your meals around. Best wishes to the family. Kandi I hope your family is getting stronger each day after the passing of your auntie. Love y’all and your family is always in my prayers. I lost a family member doing the Christmas time. So many people I know have lost love ones. ❤️But life keep on going no matter what. You can’t stop the doctor said the best thing to keep your routine. Unfortunately that easy said than done Give the kids a big hug for me. Ace still the little man. Love and y’all daughters ❤️family life is the best life 😍be Bless have a great weekend.'

One other supporter posted 'Looking Good you all. I am on my way to join you there real soon. I have been there a while ago. It is amazing. Great Job, Great Work you guys. Peace.'

Recently Kandi was really proud that the MCNBC used one of the songs that she co-wrote with Destiny’s Child a while ago in a piece in which they’re clowning President Donald Trump.

The television used ‘Bills, Bills, Bills,’ and Kandi shared the video on her social media account.

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  • Batrina Pumphrey
    Batrina Pumphrey Jan 6, 2019 10:01 AM PST

    Why the media keep talking about the joke Kandi made about Trump? Move on from it media find something else. You looking for negative comments to reply on Kandi's behalf. It don't seem like it will be any. Get off Kandi please!! NEXT!!

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