Queen Elizabeth Passes Away At 92? - #RIPQueenElizabeth Trends On Twitter!

Queen Elizabeth Passes Away At 92? - #RIPQueenElizabeth Trends On Twitter!
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Did the Queen of England really pass away? The rumor that Queen Elizabeth has died at the age of 92 started on Twitter today and people were confused as to how the whole hoax started!

The Queen is still alive and well, thank you very much!

That being said, it makes sense why a lot of people on social media did not understand where the shocking rumor that even created multiple memes came from!

There were, of course, a lot of users who believed it since it even trended on Twitter, and the news obviously saddened them.

But there's no need to mourn since as it turns out, the 92-year-old is not dead.

The hashtag #RIPQueenElizabeth started trending and the tweets filled with concern as well as those who were baffled by the fake news spread like wildfire.

It seems like it all started as a joke which quickly got out of hand.

Last month, a Reddit user with the username of beefy_cabbage, jokingly predicted the royal matriarch would die today, January 5!

The post, which became viral in a very short time was quickly deleted, but users still used the hashtag, thinking it was true.

Furthermore, since there was no context to the original Reddit post, some people assumed there was someone with inside info on the Queen’s state.

While some were annoyed by the fact that the hashtag was trending when it was not true, there were also posts such as: ‘Queen Elizabeth was a great queen through good and bad times, and with her passing comes a time of mourning for the whole world. #ripqueenelizabeth.’

Of course, they could have been sarcastic, but there is also a possibility that they believed it just like many others.

Later on, some fake BBC and CNN headlines about Elizabeth’s passing started to go around as well!

The Palace is yet to address the shocking death hoax.


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