Kandi Burruss And Her Younger Sister, Rebekah, Spark Lengthy Debate After Sharing These Never-Before-Seen Photos -- Who Is Right?

Kandi Burruss And Her Younger Sister, Rebekah, Spark Lengthy Debate After Sharing These Never-Before-Seen Photos -- Who Is Right?
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Not many people following Kandi Burruss were aware that she is not an only daughter in her family, and her sister is, in fact, quite similar to her in appearance.

And it looks like younger Rebekah has been wondering about that for some time herself, as she has recently expressed some questions regarding her looks and her similarities to her famous sister.

While Kandi herself has been adamant that the two look alike, Rebekah has been more reluctant to believe that, and has stood by her position that the resemblance between them is not that strong at all.

This seems to be something that has been discussed for quite a while now, and the two have been arguing about the similarities in their looks for a long time.

However, neither of the two has been willing to accept the other's position, and Rebekah continues to maintain that there is nothing that similar in their appearances at all.

The Xscape singer shared a few photos of herself and her sister and explained: "I always told my sister @rebekahvocals we don’t look alike. So she did a side by side to prove her point. 🤣 What do y’all think? We have the same father for those who are wondering."

This has created a small debate online, with many fans of Kandi's joining in with their own opinions on the situation, and explaining why they saw it one way or the other.

However, in the end, there is no strong consensus on that front -- it looks like the claims have managed to divide even some of the followers of Kandi's.

The field is fresh and open to any new opinions, though, so anyone who thinks that they might have something to add to the debates is certainly welcome to do just that.

One person said: "You can tell y’all are related. Eyebrows,nose, structure of your bright, beautiful smiles. 😍😍"

This backer wrote: "Definitely, the eyes and eyebrows the only thing that's different is the nose. Love it. There’s resemblance there! ♥️"

A third social media stated: "Your lips AND nose. Both of YOU are lovely. Stay positive, Godgrats on your baby Blaze. Y’all definitely look like beautiful pictures!😍Kandi you are the sister 😂🤣😂 (in my MauMaury'sice)😍😍😍."

Kandi and her sister, Rebekah, are radiant.

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  • Peaches
    Peaches Dec 10, 2019 11:46 PM PST

    I have looked hard at these pictures and tried comparing them and I see no resemblance at all.

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