Kamala Harris Makes Surprise Appearance At 'Premio Lo Nuestro' And Shows Love To Latin Artists In Her Inspiring Speech!

Kamala Harris Makes Surprise Appearance At 'Premio Lo Nuestro' And Shows Love To Latin Artists In Her Inspiring Speech!
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The VP was at the 2021 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards and no one expected it! That being said, her appearance definitely surprised many but her presence and inspiring words were very much welcome anyway!

Check out what Kamala Harris had to say at the event!

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Of course, Kamala appeared at the Premio Lo Nuestro Awards virtually and she opened up about Latin music and how it has actually been more than just entertainment!

As far as she is concerned, it has also managed to bring the whole country closer together amid an especially tough time in history!

Therefore, she could not help but join the event and make sure to also celebrate all the Latin artists featured.

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She started by saying: 'Good evening, tonight we celebrate the Latino artists of our nation and our world. In a time of so much uncertainty so much loss, your music has brought us solace and strength. As we work to beat this virus and rebuild our economy, we need that spirit of hope that artists inspire. We need that spirit of resilience that frontline workers demonstrate each and every day and we need that spirit of unity that keeps our communities together even when times are tough.'

She went on to point out, in conclusion, that 'Doing your part is the best prize. So thank you to Univision, thank you to the musicians and artists. and thank you all for being the change.'

There is no secret that before Harris and Joe Biden's inauguration, quite a few Latin artists showed their support and encouraged their fans to go vote!

The list includes Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Lin-Manuel Miranda and many more!

Furthermore, Jennifer Lopez performed This Land is Your Land as well as America the Beautiful on Inauguration Day.


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