K. Michelle Praises Ciara For Doing This For Her And Reveals A Bold New Career Move That Will Take Her To The Next Level

K. Michelle Praises Ciara For Doing This For Her And Reveals A Bold New Career Move That Will Take Her To The Next Level
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K. Michelle is showing lots of love to fellow diva Ciara who has been sweet and kind to her throughout her career.

The singer and reality TV star, who is currently promoting her new album, All Monsters Are Humans , recently did an interview where she was asked about a special song called "Ciara's Prayer."

The reporter asked: "I hear you. One of the tracks on your album that you previewed is called "Ciara's Prayer." How did you get inspired by her situation to, in a way, make a song about it for the new album?"

K. Michelle had a lot of praises for Russell Wilson's wife.

She confessed: "She's always been one of my favorite artists. People don't know, and she was one of the first artists to really give me advice. She told me, "When you win, you win with everybody, but when you lose, you lose by yourself." I always remembered that. Every time I've seen her, she's been the sweetest person — like ever. To see her happy and in love, and every woman wants that feeling, to feel like that, I wanted to know what prayer she prayed."

K. Michelle, the multi-talented artist, is going in a new direction with her career with the help of Billy Ray Cyrus and Babyface for a country album.

She said: "Yeah! I'm about to work on it. I got a call from Billy Ray Cyrus, and we talked. He said I could record my album on his farm, so I'm about to head to Nashville. I'm also working with Dionne Warwick's son. I don't think people know how gifted he is as far as vocal production and things like that. I also spoke to Babyface about the country album to do some writing. I really think, the same feeling I got with R&B, R&B is always my heart, I promise, but I just feel like it's something special going on with how the universe is moving right now. I'm ready for that, and I can feel it. I'm up for a fight. I'm not going to keep fighting my own people to sing. I'm not going to do that. I'm fighting for my people. I've sat in these rooms, I've heard what they've said about our intellect and how they think we can't take in the music and the only thing we can take in is this. "

She added: "I've had my own label at Atlantic, and I've listened to these conversations. They really don't want us in there as Black people, so I really hope instead of hating, Black people will come together in this fight with me because there are some Black girls who deserve to get to be on that chart. You can't have a country chart and never have had a Black woman to chart. That's crazy! The Clark Sisters have a Grammy in country music, but it was in gospel country. But as far as a Black girl charting? Mickey Guyton been down there for years, and they overlook that girl even though she sound like everybody else. And you know, in Nashville, it's a problem with women. Women have big groups, it's white women, black women, but it's a thing with women. So not only am I Black, but I'm a woman, so I'm in for the fight of my life. I don't care, though. I will fight it."

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