Tia Mowry Chops Off All Her Hair In New Photo And Explains How Kobe Bryant Inspired The Drastic Change

Tia Mowry Chops Off All Her Hair In New Photo And Explains How Kobe Bryant Inspired The Drastic Change
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Tia Mowry has decided to change her look for 2020 drastically, and sadly, the passing of Kobe Bryant played a part in it.

The actress and the twin sister of Tamera Mowry-Housley took to social media, where she debuted her very short hairstyle.

The mother of two looked gorgeous with her super short do that highlighted her dramatic weight loss. Tia used the caption to focus on self-love.

Tia, who recently launched a supplement called Anser after being diagnosed with endometriosis, wrote: "It was time! #shorthair #dontcare ☺️ #skin #nofilter #nomakeup This.Is.Me #selfcare isn’t selfish 🙏🏽
✂️- @nakiarachon Skin- @shopanser."

The 41-year-old did an interview where she opened up about the reasons behind the big chop.

She told Yahoo: “If I’m honest with you, 2020 was just starting pretty rough. Between the natural disasters to worrying about viruses, and then the sudden loss of Kobe Bryant… I just wanted to chop my hair off and start over.”

The Sister Sister star got very personal about her famous curls: “My sister [Tamera] and I started in this business, and I’ve never worn my hair curly until adulthood. My curly hair was seen as problematic and inconvenient, and it made me insecure.”

She went on to say: “My outlook changed in adulthood. I felt like, If this is what God gave me, I am going to roll with it.”

Tia continued with: “It’s part of a new year, new me — mentally and physically. After having my children, I was inspired to take better care of me. For me to be the best mother, wife, and human, I have to be well mentally and physically. Whatever helps you get to that point — do it. Sadly, life is too short not to be the best version of yourself.”

One person had this to say: "Someone is refusing to age lol looking, good sis! But we all know it'll be back at bra strap length by the end of the year. 😩 I'm over here STRUGGLING with length retention. Teach me your ways."

Another commenter stated: "Every five years, you do the chop! You have a pretty face so this works for you really well."

This follower revealed: "Beautiful!!! I want to do a short cut one of these days too!! Your skin is terrific glows even more now.❤️❤️❤️"

A third commenter wrote: "Such a natural beauty! I almost thought that was you when I opened my gram. That’s right, do things for you that make you happy! Self-care."

Back in 2012, Tia had also chopped all her hair.

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