K. Michelle Faces Wicked World And Wants To Be Left Alone -- Fans Send Her Prayers After Alarming Tweets About Cheating Allegations And More

K. Michelle Faces Wicked World And Wants To Be Left Alone -- Fans Send Her Prayers After Alarming Tweets About Cheating Allegations And More
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K. Michelle is going through a lot at the moment as she deals with different crises in her personal life. The reality TV star posted some alarming messages on social media over the weekend.

Fans have reached out and are rooting for her to get help and address her issues. The R&B diva said a woman is telling her that her husband, Dr. Kastan Sims, is cheating, and he is now mad at her for entertaining the idea.

Moreover, her grandmother is dealing with health issues, and a man is claiming he slept with the vocalist. The woman born Kimberly Michelle Pate is denying the charge.

If all of this was not enough, people on social media are supposedly mocking her plastic surgeries, and executives are trying to stall her career. All this drama led the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star to one conclusion; she has had enough.

Michelle wants to be left alone and the chaos to be over. About 24 hours after her posts hit Twitter, supporters are still sending prayers and well wishes.

An artist told her the following: "This world is wicked. But all that hate a person projects is a reflection of the hate they carry inside of themselves. I used to care what people thought till I found meditation, that changed everything for me. When you can’t find happiness in the world outside of yourself, you got to go within. I pray somebody around her can help her find her inner peace. 🙏🏿"

A second comment read: "Just looking at these comments and it shows that this is truly a cruel world 💯 now if something was to happen to her everyone would claim how much they loved her. This world is backwards as hell, to be more specific. It’s the people in this world that’s backwards as hell, not all but many. I wouldn’t wish nothing detrimental on nobody, no pain, no stress, no hurt. I’ve been there, and I know how that feels; we all go through trials and tribulations in life 💯we all human, 💯 yet we act divided 💯we all go through something. If you don’t feel strong enough or you want to give up. This message right here is your wake-up call, you a stronger than you ever imagined💪🏿 FIGHT, keep going, 💪🏿⭐️ find the beauty in life and hold on to that precious moment, person, or thing and when everything seems crazy and not worth it... PRAY and build a relationship with GOD ⭐️."

Some critics have brought up the way she handled her feud with nemesis Tamar Braxton and her then-boyfriend, David Adefeso.

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  • Angelique Miller
    Angelique Miller Oct 12, 2020 8:56 AM PDT

    Praying that God gives you a peace of mind, strength to carry on & to lighten your burdens. I love you K ❤️

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