K. Michelle Drags Nicole Murphy's Wendy Williams Appearance: 'You Should Be Under A Rock Hiding!'

K. Michelle Drags Nicole Murphy's Wendy Williams Appearance: 'You Should Be Under A Rock Hiding!'
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Nicole Murphy appeared on the Wendy Williams Show where she gave her version of events that landed her in hot water for kissing married Hollywood icon, Antoine Fuqua. Although she apologized, K. Michelle has some harsh words about her actions.

K. Michelle rose to fame singing songs about life, love, and the men who have scorned her. She knows first hand what it's like to have someone you love be unfaithful which is why she is so sympathetic towards Lela Rechon who is in the middle of the controversy.

While visiting V-13, the songstress held nothing back when she said: 'Nicole Murphy you’re disgusting. You sat on that couch and you laughed. This ain’t no moment, it’s a mess. You wrong for that. You the type of woman that let these men be EVIL. They gotta have some help, and women like you are that type of help. That lady’s at home, married with her kids and you know this. It don’t matter what he told you. MEN LIE, that’s’ what they do. And you sat up there and embarrassed another Black woman in front of the world who was minding her business. Now you gonna go to a talk show? You should be under a rock hiding, girl. You was still up there lying and you laughing and you do it to a lot of people you have a daughter, ma’am.'

She then brought Nicole's daughter into it.

'Imma tell you, if your daughter come up on one of mine, it ain’t gonna be no nice stuff like that. So, raise your daughter cause I’m sure she thoting and bopping too. That’s WRONG!'

This comes after Murphy's chat with Wendy where she claimed she was under a different impression of the status of Fuqua's marriage, she didn't sleep with LisaRaye's husband, and ended her sentiments by apologizing to Lela.

What do you think of K. Michelle's comments?


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