Julia Roberts Is The Face Of Lancome Perfume: La Vie Est Belle Intensément Fragrance

Julia Roberts Is The Face Of Lancome Perfume: La Vie Est Belle Intensément Fragrance
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Julia Roberts signed with Lancome in 2010 and she started off as the face of their Defenicils cosmetic line. Over the years, she became the face of La Vie Est Belle  (French for "Life is Beautiful") and represented each new perfume that was added to their fragrance family. These include La Vie Est Belle, La Vie Est Belle En Rose, La Vie Est Belle x Atelier Paulin (limited edition), and the newest fragrance in the collection — La Vie Est Belle Intensément (Intense). Julia looks gorgeous in the campaign photos that sees her with shoulder-length blonde hair while wearing a gorgeous, hot pink tulle dress.

Lancome is revered for their Iris-fragrance scents and the newest perfume, La Vie Est Belle Intensément arrives just in time for Mother's Day. The base notes are Red Iris, Red Vanilla, and Sandalwood. The top note is Raspberry accord and the heart note is Jasmine Absolute.

You may see a photo of Julia Roberts starring in the La Vie Est Belle Intensément campaign below.

Julia Roberts is an Oscar-winning actress so for her to lend her face and name to promote a product shows how much she believes in the company and the brand. Her collaboration with Lancome is a long one and is approaching the decade mark. As the perfume is about happiness and living life to its fullest with joy, Julia Roberts was the perfect woman for the campaign.

Julia always exudes happiness and joy along with confidence and classic charm. People revere Julia Roberts for being down-to-earth while at the same time being a fashion trailblazer and trendsetter. She is glamorous and the girl next door. In the video interview below, you can watch Julia Roberts open up about herself while she discusses which traits her character most reflects.

Here is the official La Vie Est Belle Expression ad from 2018, featuring Julia Roberts.

Here is a backstage (behind-the-scenes) look at Julia's campaign for La Vie est Belle and how it was working with Oscar-winner Julia Roberts for the ad.

What do you think about Julia Roberts and her collaboration with Lancome? Have you worn La Vie Est Belle or any of the fragrances in the line? Are you going to wear La Vie Est Belle Intensément?

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