Jude Law’s Daughter Shows Off Her Incredible Looks In Bathing Suit She Created Herself!

Jude Law’s Daughter Shows Off Her Incredible Looks In Bathing Suit She Created Herself!
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Jude Law ’s daughter, Iris, is only 19 years old and she is already designing her very own swimwear! The gorgeous teenage girl took to social media to share a pic in which she was rocking one of her creations and her followers definitely want that bathing suit to become their own!

Time flies so fast! It feels like just yesterday, fans of the actor were seeing Iris going to grade school but now she is all grown up, a stunning lady with big business plans and actual talent to top it all off!

It appears that the model was in Italy at the time and she could not help but show off the latest bathing suit she had sown herself!

As you might know, Iris is the daughter of Jude Law and actress Sadie Frost so there is no mystery where she’ got her good looks from!

On the last day of summer, Iris shared several new pics showing her relaxing in the sun with a very intricate and unique bikini on.

Sure enough, it looked like that because it is indeed, one of a kind!

‘Eeeeep I designed and sewed this bikini the day before I came away do u like it? [clown emoji and brain emoji,]’ she wrote in the caption of the carousel post.

The swimsuit was a pink and blue two-piece that looked like it was a mix of two different bathing suits sown into one.

It features a strappy halter-neck and it also ties around her waist, highlighting how tiny it is.

The 19 year old was not wearing any makeup while relaxing in the sun in Capri, Italy, proving just how naturally beautiful she really is.

There was also a video in which Iris was showing off her behind in the bathing suit bottoms, proving how flattering her design really is.

One follower wrote: ‘wtf i love it!!! iris the designer,’ while another also gushed over the same bathing suit, writing in the comment section: ‘I LOVE ITTTT OMFG.’

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