Joycelyn Savage's Parents Slam R. Kelly - He Should 'Rot In Jail!'

Joycelyn Savage's Parents Slam R. Kelly - He Should 'Rot In Jail!'
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The parents of one of R. Kelly’s young girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage, are definitely not happy with the current situation since the girl still lives with her famous older boyfriend and his other girlfriend! They just want their daughter back and the singer behind bars forever!

Earlier today, CBS This Morning’s anchor Gayle King interviewed Jonjelyn and Timothy Savage and they claimed that their 23-year-old daughter is definitely not Okay – something is wrong, from their point of view!

‘I call them prison calls since I can tell that someone's listening in. And she calls with a script. 'Momma, I told you I am happy. I told you a million times I am happy where I am.’ And her younger sister came in and said, 'Hey, Joycelyn,' ... She paused for like ten seconds,’ the mom shared.

The father went on to tell the anchor that ‘When she talked to [her sister] Jori, for a second, that was Joycelyn [again].’

The parents stated that it’s been more than two years since they’ve actually seen their daughter.

They went on to admit that they may have been too comfortable having their, at the time, teen daughter around Kelly back in 2015 since he was accused (and then acquitted) of child pornography.

However, the dad insisted that Kelly’s claims that they brought Joycelyn to his concert to introduce and pretty much sell her to him, are not true!

Timothy told King: ‘Never in my entire life have I met Mr. Kelly. I have only talked to him once on the phone. He said, 'You're gonna have to wait to see your daughter. Trust the process.' How can you tell a father to trust the process, when you ravin' you wanna see your kids, but you will not allow me to see my daughter?’

Later on during the interview, the man made it very clear what he thinks the proper punishment for R. Kelly is: ‘He needs help, but he has done so many women wrong, that that man needs to rot in a jail cell. Period.’

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