Joseline Hernandez Finally Addresses Losing Custody Of Her Daughter, Bonnie Bella, To Baby Daddy Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez Finally Addresses Losing Custody Of Her Daughter, Bonnie Bella, To Baby Daddy Stevie J
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Recent developments in the legal battle between Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have had the mother of one demanding her child, Bonnie Bella, from the court.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is also requesting that authorities drop the arrest warrant that is currently out for her.

Recently published court documents indicate that Hernandez has specifically made her request to the judge presiding over the case.

This comes not long after Stevie J accused Hernandez of violating their custody agreement and refusing to let Bonnie Bella see her father at the times the court had scheduled.

He immediately demanded an arrest warrant to be issued for Hernandez, citing the fact that she had violated their deal.

The judge agreed with his stance on the situation and decided to remove custody of the girl from Hernandez completely.

And while the girl is now reportedly safe and sound together with Stevie J, the arrest warrant for Hernandez is reportedly still active.

It is not clear in this context how she has managed to make her request to the court in the first place. However, it is not the only detail about the case between the two that is under question right now.

Many have speculated that there might be more about the battle between Hernandez and Stevie J than the public is aware of right now.

The conflicting reports coming from both sides have not been helpful either, and the situation is currently a mess in many regards.

Via social media, Hernandez did address the custody battle by saying: "Not a fair World. But always handle strong."

One fan said: "You thought you were doing something by not letting Stevie see Bonnie for a year, and you were all on the shade room saying “Bonnie doesn’t even know,” but as you can see Bonnie absolutely loves her daddy, you only hurt her in the end."

Another commenter shared: "Some men love control & not the children even in situations where the world may feel he is in a better situation with a woman cause those men are good at playing the victim and making ppl around them believe it also stay strong ❤🤗God is good."

A third follower added: "Coparenting can be hard, but single parenting is worse. Be thankful that your daughter has a father that actually wants to be in her life. This is about what's best for her, and she's blessed on both sides. Be happy for her and the fact that she doesn't have to go through what you went through as a child. Two good parents will always be better than just one."

Hopefully, all parties involved will find common ground.

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