Tiny Harris Wears Black Lingerie And Blond Hair In New Photo Giving T.I. A Reason To Expeditiously Forget The Side Chicks

Tiny Harris Wears Black Lingerie And Blond Hair In New Photo Giving T.I. A Reason To Expeditiously Forget The Side Chicks
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Tiny Harris recently took social media where she shared a few hot pictures from her music video for the song "I Fukn Love You" and made sure to wear as little as possible.

T.I.'s wife showed off her famous curves in sheer lingerie and debuted a hot blonde hair in the clip and fans are loving it.

One person said: "Ayoooo' I swear tiny gets better with time, like a fine wine; looking like a whole snack 💰🔥😂 beautifully mama ❤️ shoot If I can look half as good as her when my kids are damn near grown I'll be alright with some sh*t !"

Another commenter stated: "You are so Beautiful you be doing the Dam thing keep up the good work you are a Jack of all trades Mother Wifey Friend Sister singer just doing it all owner I love your Styles can everyone rock it like you can Love you TINY 💯🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️"

It is no secret at this point that T.I. likes to spoil his wife, and the rapper has been continuing to live his life in the same style.

He recently spoiled his Tiny lavishly with a birthday surprise that will likely go down in her memories quite well.

Tiny was presented with a diamond Cuban link chain, featured in a cocktail glass with the help of a bartender.

She failed to notice the actual contents of the glass when she first took a sip, prompting T.I. to give her a hint.

It looks like the birthday celebration went great overall, with everyone in attendance managing to have a lot of fun and to share some great reports from their time together.

And it is also quite clear at this point that T.I. is going to continue supporting his wife to the best of his abilities, and is not planning to slow down in his attitude in any way.

Many have been commenting positively on the way the rapper has been treating the petite Xscape diva, and he is continuously pointed out as a good example in the celebrity world, in contrast to various other figures who have shown themselves to be less than respectful when it comes to their significant others.

T.I.P. and Tiny seem to be having a great time together so far, and many of their fans have been hoping that the two would share even more exciting details about their life as a power couple, allowing supporters to catch a glimpse into how they are doing behind the scenes.

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