Jon Bon Jovi Believes His 17-Year-Old Son Jacob May Have Contracted COVID-19

Jon Bon Jovi Believes His 17-Year-Old Son Jacob May Have Contracted COVID-19
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Jon Bon Jovi, the frontman of the band, Bon Jovi, recently revealed his suspicions regarding his 17-year-old son, Jacob, whom he believes contracted coronavirus, albeit a mild version of the illness. Page Six picked up on the interview between the singer and Entertainment Tonight in which he explained the ordeal.

According to the legendary pop star, he and his family have been spending a lot of time together lately. "All the kids are here with us," he added, including his wife, Dorothea. The star explained that they were all in the house for around 2 weeks, although, their son, Jacob, just had a "mild version of it, just the intestinal kind."

When Jacob got sick, he was put in isolation, or as some people call it, "quarantine," that way he didn't give the coronavirus to anybody else in the family. Bon Jovi has several children, including their 26-year-old daughter, Stephania, Romeo, 15, and Jesse, 25.

After Jacob went to see a doctor, he began feeling a lot better. According to Bon Jovi, his wife created a "quarantine zone," which was the laundry room set up in such a way where everything was blocked off. No one could go in there unless they were wearing gloves and a mask.

Dorothea would wear a bathrobe on backward and a different pair of slippers. He was kept in the laundry room for just a few days until his symptoms finally went away and the virus was gone. He's feeling a lot better now.

Jacob never actually got the test because the family found it hard to get him one. Reportedly, some of his friends were tested for the illness and some of them came back positive.

Rather than doing things their own way, Dorothea and Bon Jovi followed the same way of dealing with the virus and everything worked out.

As most know, this comes after the coronavirus has officially spread around the world, infecting people of all backgrounds, even celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Idris Elba.

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