JoJo Siwa Disables Her Instagram Comments After Getting Really 'Mean' Ones

JoJo Siwa Disables Her Instagram Comments After Getting Really 'Mean' Ones
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JoJo Siwa has been experiencing the ugly side of the internet and for her mental health’ sake, the young influencer and dancer decided to disable her Instagram comments. This is a response to all the mean comments she's been getting.

There is no doubt that the 15-year-old is used to all kinds of comments from fans and haters.

After all, the Dance Moms star has more than 8 followers on Instagram as well as over 9 million subscribers on YouTube!

However, it sounds like she’s finally reached her limit!

JoJo took to her platform to write: ‘Instagram comments are my favorite thing! Wait no that's wrong. Normally I read the comments and see nice things, people writing kind messages and saying positive words. Late last night I was reading some of the comments on my last Instagram post and wow...some people can be really mean. So here is a fun game, No more comments!’

Sure enough, the celeb disabled the commenting option on her last three posts.

JoJo’s extreme measure to avoid the hate caused many fans to come to her defense and express confusion as to why she would get so many mean comments.

‘Why is everybody hating on her? She is a good influence and has not done anything bad. She is just living life why are you hating?’ one user posted.

Another gave her some encouragement, writing: ‘People that are rude, are not your kind of people. Keep shining JoJo, you're an amazing young lady!’

The positive social media activity continued to pour and, who knows, maybe when the comments will be back on, people will have learned to be kinder!

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  • Lynmarie smith
    Lynmarie smith May 9, 2019 9:08 AM PDT

    Well as the post says, she had 8 followers. She cant let all 8 of them down.

  • Ann
    Ann May 8, 2019 1:33 AM PDT

    And she already has them turned back on.

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