Joey King With Bangs And Long Hair Is The Perfect Example Of Hairstyles For Round-Shaped Faces

Joey King With Bangs And Long Hair Is The Perfect Example Of Hairstyles For Round-Shaped Faces
Credit: Source: Joey King/Instagram

Joey King is known for her amazing acting skills and when she portrayed Gypsy Rose Blanchard in Hulu's hit television series The Act , she shaved her head. Her commitment to her craft is undeniable and Joey often puts on a fashionable display wearing some of the biggest designers. In a series of photos that Joey shared on her official Instagram account, where she has 17.9 million followers, Joey showed off long hair with bangs. The look was complementary to her round-shaped face and many fans loved the look on her.

Joey has worn her hair in a wide array of styles and since shaving her head, she's had pixies, bobs, and with extensions, long hair. To understand the reasons why Joey looks so different based upon her hairstyle, one must first understand the fundamental basics and mathematical guidelines for beauty.

Joey King is a beautiful woman. She has bright blue eyes and a beautiful round-shaped face. With that said, the standard beauty face shape is said to be an oval. Even though there are many beautiful women and handsome men who have different shaped faces, many people view the oval shape as the beauty standard. That is why when choosing a hairstyle based on face shapes, most of the styles deemed to be "the best" are those that give the face an oval-shaped appearance, regardless of the face's actual shape.

Again, there really are no hard rules when it comes to beauty. Women like Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Williams, and Angelina Jolie have been deemed some of the most beautiful women worldwide and they do not have oval shaped faces. 

Oval shaped faces always look like an oval, regardless of the hairstyle. Other face shapes, such as round, heart, diamond, square, or pear are more flexible therefore you can create a wide variety of looks simply by changing the hairstyle. Essentially, by changing the hairstyle, you can change the appearance of the face shape.

For example, here is a slideshow of Joey King looking amazing in Versace. In the second photo, Joey wears her long hair straight down the sides of her face and tops it off with wispy, sideswept bangs. The hairstyle gives her the appearance of a less round and more oval face shape.

Now, compare the photos above with the pictures below where Joey King is wearing her hair in a short pixie cut — the result of her hair growing out after filming The Act.

The hairstyle shows off Joey's round face shape and is a strikingly differnet look than with her long hair and sideswept bangs.

Which hairstyle do you like best on Joey King?


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