Joe Jonas Reportedly Treating Sophie Turner Like A Queen During Her Quarantine Pregnancy - Details!

Joe Jonas Reportedly Treating Sophie Turner Like A Queen During Her Quarantine Pregnancy - Details!
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Apparently, Joe Jonas has been pampering his pregnant wife, actress Sophie Turner in an effort to show her that he will be a great father! The Jonas Brothers singer has been tending to all of her needs while expecting their first child and as a result, all her worries related to their future as parents have pretty much disappeared!

After all, Joe has really been trying to prove that he will be an amazing dad and he’s successfully convinced Sophie.

Especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is a real concern and that social distancing is an added stress for Sophie, Joe has stepped up his game when it comes to taking care of her.

One insider shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Joe lives to make Sophie happy. He usually spoils her, but now that she is pregnant, he is even more doting. [Sophie] has been bragging to her friends that she has the best husband ever because he loves to take care of her.’

The source went on to detail all the things the singer manages during the quarantine.

Apparently, he’s taken over all the chores and is treating Sophie like a queen!

That means that ‘He cooks for her, he gives her foot rubs and back rubs all the time. And he lets her control the remote and watches all her favorite shows with her. She knows he’s going to be the most amazing dad, just because of how well he takes care of her.’

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, it’s definitely not easy and rather scary as well so it’s great to hear that Joe is doing his part and trying to make the actress’ life easier.

As for the quarantine, it’s brought no issues into their marriage since: ‘They love that they're not working and can be together the whole day. They love that they're being forced to be together and are taking everything really positively. It's as fun as it can be for them right now, they are not pulling their hair out just yet.’

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