Joe Giudice Says That Pole Dancing Is A 'Fine Job' After Online Trolls Slam His Daughters

Joe Giudice Says That Pole Dancing Is A 'Fine Job' After Online Trolls Slam His Daughters
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Joe Giudice doesn't think there is a thing wrong with being an exotic dancer. Page Six reported today that the reality star doesn't believe his daughters will work in the sex worker industry, but he ultimately thinks it's a "respectable job."

In case you missed it, Teresa honored him on Father's Day with a sweet post of her and their four daughters together, including Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. She wrote in the caption, that her girls miss him every day. 

One person in the comment section rudely responded that Joe was a "failed father, " and two of the 4 girls would wind up as strippers, "no doubt." Obviously, Joe didn't like that comment, because he responded to it directly.

In response, Joe urged the anonymous commenter to remove themselves from his estranged wife's page. Joe added that being a "pole dancer" was a "respectable job," however, his daughters have chosen to live their lives in a different way.

Giudice said that his kids are all going to be successful. According to Page Six, since Joe was deported to Italy, he has been figuring out new ways to make money. For instance, the reality star is currently getting ready to fight Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend, Ojani Noa, in a boxing match.

Moreover, Joe has begun working with an adult-themed company called Zalo USA, which specializes in s*x toys. As followers of the Giudice family now, Joe was sent back to his native Italy after he served his sentence in a penitentiary on fraud charges.

It was a very controversial case in the Real Housewives world, with many people wondering if it was really possible for the US Government to send him back to the country he was born in. Fans know that Joe was born in Italy, and moved to the United States as a young boy.

He never actually became a US citizen, thus, he encountered massive legal troubles once he was convicted and incarcerated. Another celebrity to face possible deportation is 21 Savage, who was born in the United Kingdom.

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