Joe Giudice Claims He Does Not ‘Miss Being Married’ To Teresa Giudice - Here's Why!

Joe Giudice Claims He Does Not ‘Miss Being Married’ To Teresa Giudice - Here's Why!
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Joe Giudice says he does not miss being married to Teresa Giudice! This comes after he and her current beau met!

As fans of RHONJ know, Teresa is seeing Luis "Louie" Ruelas and her former husband and father of her four daughters has met the man for the first time!

Teresa and Joe were married for no less than two decades but now that they are officially over, they seem to be really happy apart all the while still co-parenting.

Their divorce was finalized in September of last year.

During a chat with Us Weekly, Joe mentioned that, as far as he is concerned, their marriage would not have worked anymore even if he weren't deported to Italy!

'I don't really miss being married. … I'm good. I mean, she is with her new guy and everything. Why would I ever want to go back to that?…There are a lot of other women out there,' he went on to share.

Sure enough, Teresa has been posting quite a lot of pics of her and her current man on social media and it really looks like they are very happy and in love together.

About Louie, Joe said that he 'seems like a decent guy' after meeting him once.

Joe admitted that '[It was] a little awkward [when they met]. It was a group atmosphere … I guess he wanted to introduce himself being that they are probably moving in together and I guess that the kids are going to be living there with them too, which was understandable and very nice of him.'


As for keeping in touch with the mother of his children, Joe shared that 'I talk to her. It isn't like we just call each other every single day but…I have nothing against her. I grew up with her. She is the mother of my kids.'

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