Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo's Daughter, Felicity, Is Walking -- Check The Picture That Has Fans Smiling

Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo's Daughter, Felicity, Is Walking -- Check The Picture That Has Fans Smiling
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Jinger Duggar Vuolo's daughter might be just ten months old, but she is already getting the hang of walking around and seems quite confident about it too.

Jeremy Vuolo's wife recently posted pictures or herself and her daughter together, showing the girl enthralled by a bakery's products.

Also, it did not take long for fans to start commenting on the fact that she was walking in those photos, and was able to see the world around her for herself.

Many people shared their positive comments about Jinger's daughter, pointing out that she has been learning quite fast and that she has been making some serious progress for her age.


Others have been just generally supportive of Jinger and her family, and have sent their best wishes to them.

Jinger has been quite active on social media lately, and many of her posts have been related to her daughter in some way.

It does not look like she is shy about showing her off at all, although some people have exclaimed that she could probably tone down that behavior to some extent, for the good of the girl herself.

However, in any case, it certainly does not look like young Felicity Vuolo minds all the attention so far.

She might be young, but she has a knack for showing herself off and has been following her mother's footsteps quite well.

Perhaps fans are going to see another child celebrity just a few years from now? It would certainly be a fitting development for the young lady, and she seems to have a lot of support around her for that.


Supporters are thrilled with all these developments. One of them stated: "She's growing up so fast. It won't be long until she has a birthday. So pretty. She was checking out the bread. It does look good."

A second follower added: "And I'm sure she squished and poked at every loaf in her reach lol. Babies and children just can't resist soft, squishy things. She's so cute! Did she pick out a loaf in the end?"

A third person added: "Wow Felicity standing up already, it's going so fast. When will she celebrate her 1st birthday?"

The Duggar family is expanding beautifully. Is the child too young for all of this exposure on social media?

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