Rihanna Is Closer To Global Domination With London Move -- Is She Living With Hassan Jameel?

Rihanna Is Closer To Global Domination With London Move -- Is She Living With Hassan Jameel?
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In a plot twist that not many saw coming, Rihanna revealed that she has spent the last year living in London, right under the noses of many of her fans -- and nobody has managed to spot her so far. Is she ling with rumored boyfriend Hassan Jameel?

According to Rihanna herself, she has been doing her best to keep a low profile in her public appearances and has developed some skills for maintaining a good level of anonymity.

Moreover, according to Rihanna, she has been enjoying the sensation of privacy and has been taking it in quite well.

She explained that she has been going on various walks trying to blend in with the crowds, and so far it has been working out quite well for her.


The Barbadian pop superstar told the New York Times: "[I enjoy] walking around the block. When I go walking, I try to keep it a little incognito."

Also, as can be expected, her revelation immediately sent shockwaves across the Internet.

Many Londoners could not believe that they have shared the same town with Rihanna for a whole year, and nobody has managed to notice.

Others have been wondering how the singer has managed to pull the whole thing off.

Now that the jig is up, people are likely going to be paying much more attention to random passers-by and will be trying to scout out Rihanna among the crowds.

However, it is possible that the singer has already moved elsewhere if she is so open about her tricks.

Some of Rihanna’s fans have even suggested that the singer might be trying to mess with them, although that would not be in her style from all supporters have seen so far.

In all likelihood, she is just trying to live her own life in peace.

While many supporters are focusing on the London news, others are busy talking about how she is changing the game.


One person stated: "All I see is sign, all I see is dollar sign. Fenty is Coming Through so Ladies & gent make sure your bread is Stack to get what you want. Queen is here to see take all your mula 😩😩❤️❤️👑👑."

Another follower added: "Stop asking her for the album omg😂you guys telling her to rush it and then when she rushes it, and it’s not good y’all gonna be like “we waited all this time for this trash”😒masterpieces take time...Rihanna only makes masterpieces 😩❤️🔥."

RiRi is just a global brand.

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