Jim Carrey's TV Show Kidding Canceled After Just Two Seasons - He Wants An Emmy

Jim Carrey's TV Show Kidding Canceled After Just Two Seasons - He Wants An Emmy
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Page Six reported today that Jim Carrey's comedy series, Kidding, has officially been taken off the air. The outlet spoke with insiders who explained how Jim and the rest of the cast and crew wanted to keep it a secret because he's hoping to win an Emmy Award this year.

A representative from Showtime confirmed to Page Six that the show would no longer run after two seasons. Dave Holstein, the showrunner and executive producer, already spoke with the crew and said the show was coming to an end.

Reportedly, Jim has been working hard at getting his name in for an Emmy. The nominations will come out on the 28th of July following their postponement because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A different insider from Showtime said there were other reasons for the cancelation not related to the Emmy Awards this year or the coronavirus pandemic. As fans of the TV series know, it featured massive guest stars like Ariana Grande, Dick Van Dyke, Blake Griffin, and Tyler The Creator.

In a statement, the network confirmed that it would no longer run on Showtime. While no one can say for sure that Jim Carrey will win an Emmy Award this year, he has already earned Golden Globes for films like Man On The Moon and The Truman Show.

Back in 2018, he was nominated for another Emmy Award with Jim And Andy: The Great Beyond. The actor then appeared in another huge hit in Sonic The Hedgehog in which he played the villain.

Reportedly, Jim just put out a book that follows a character with the same name who stars in a film called Hungry Hungry Hippos in Digital 3-D . The novel, Memoirs and Misinformation was written with the help of Dana Vachon, and it purportedly touches on Jim's frustration with the roles he has been offered.

Fans of Jim Carrey know that for years he struggled to find work that he found inspiring and meaningful. In past interviews, the actor has stated many people have come to know him as a pure "comedic actor" and that's it.

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