Sonic The Hedgehog Soars To $55 Million Opening

Sonic The Hedgehog Soars To $55 Million Opening
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Even though Sonic The Hedgehog had a rough start, the movie has since gone on to a very successful debut at the box offices a new report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed. According to the aforementioned outlet, the movie easily beat out movies like The Photograph, Fantasy Island, as well as Downhill, during Valentine's Day weekend.

According to early return estimates, Sonic The Hedgehog, from Paramount, is expected to earn a $55 million opening since its Thursday previews a few nights ago, making it the top earner at the box office this weekend. Reportedly, Friday night earned the film $17 million in addition to another $3 million from Thursday night's previews.

In other words, Paramount's production has been far ahead of the expectations thus far, earning a solid start on Thursday night. Additionally, what makes the movie special is that films such as these typically don't do well in the preview earnings.

Fans of Sonic The Hedgehog know that the film is based on the classic Sega video game franchise and the titular character is voiced by Ben Schwartz, alongside James Marsden and Dr. Robotnik, played by the legendary actor, Jim Carrey.

As it was noted above, Sonic The Hedgehog had a rough start due to the CGI rendering of Sonic which led to the postponement of the film to allow for the production team to redesign the classic blue hedgehog.

According to the Wikipedia page for Sonic The Hedgehog, the first game came out in 1991 as a way to compete with Nintendo's creation of the classic Mario character. Since the game's creation, it has spawned a variety of other games and media types, including feature films, printed media, animations, and merchandise.

The success of Sonic The Hedgehog allowed for Sega to becoming one of the most popular video game consoles in the early 1990s.

In 2001, Sega left the console market but continued third party development, including more games for Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation. The dissolution of Sega as a video game console has become a topic of conversation since many gamers think that many of Sega's creations were far ahead of their time.

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