Jersey Shore Star JWoww Reveals She Has Finally Found Where She Was 'Meant To Be'

Jersey Shore Star JWoww Reveals She Has Finally Found Where She Was 'Meant To Be'
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Jenni “JWoww” Farley has finally found her place in the world. After discovering that her son, Greyson, has autism, the Jersey Shore star is determined to raise awareness about the disorder and fight for better inclusion for the autistic community.

To help further the cause, Farley signed on to be a part of KultureCity, a company that supports children with disorders like autism. Her goal is to build sensory rooms in public locations, like airports, to make it easier for autistic children to move about in society.

According to Page Six , Farley joined the organization after an incident at an airport with her son. The Jersey Shore star revealed that Greyson completely lost it and started violently acting out after their flight got delayed. Greyson was unable to comprehend why people were standing around the gate and could not cope with the stress of the situation.

Farley opened up about the experience in a blog post and admitted that she will no longer fly with Greyson until they get a better handle on his sensory issues. After seeing the post, one of her Jersey Shore co-stars got her in contact with KultureCity and promised to help her better understand Greyson’s issues.

The organization worked with Farley to build a sensory room in her home, which sparked the idea for providing the same service in public spaces. Sensory rooms help decrease noise and provide an extra layer of security for children who have autism. For Greyson, this means weighted blankets, which provide him with a sense of compression.

“So it’s just a blessing to have a company like this that just wants nothing but to help children like Greyson and adults,” Farley shared. “They have been a godsend truly because I’m still learning.”

Farley has documented her struggles with Greyson on Jersey Shore Family Vacation . She announced the autism diagnosis last November and updated fans with Greyson’s progress in a heartfelt video on social media.

With help from KultureCity, Farley hopes to bring her first sensory room to the Newark Airport before expanding it to other locations.

JWoww returns in new episodes of Jersey Shore later this year on MTV.

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