'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese Reveals Motherhood Is Harder Than She Expected

'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese Reveals Motherhood Is Harder Than She Expected
Credit: Source: MTV

Deena Cortese just joined the moms club. She admitted that the job is actually a lot harder than she thought it would be!

Under a photo that she posted on Instagram, the 'Jersey Shore' star responded to a follower that wanted to know how it was going as a new mom to her newborn son.

"Motherhood is def harder then I expected and I never understood ppl telling me while pregnant to get sleep now lol bc while pregnant I thought I wasn’t getting good sleep. But it’s all so worth it. He’s my little side kick. We got this."

She also added: "I’m def starting to learn how to function on no sleep. Lol CJ has been getting better at night but it’s still been a struggle."

The 32-year-old explained in a lovely photo that having a baby is like falling in love again -- both with the child and your husband.

This comes after Cortese gave birth to Christopher John late last year. Fans of the show will recall seeing castmates attend Deena's gender reveal.

Although she's always wanted to be a mom, the arrival of little Chris is bittersweet considering the fact that her father passed away before he got to meet his grandson.

"I've always believed a babies soul meets passed loved ones before being born and she confirmed it ... and CJ knew and will always know my dad ( I know some people might not believe in that sort of thing ... but I truly do ... so please keep the negative and non believer comments away from this post)."

A source told E! News: "Before Deena's dad passed away he told her he could not wait for her to marry Chris and to have grandkids, he wanted her to have a happy life."

Deena has finally done both of those things. John Cortese died in 2016 from leukemia.

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