Jennifer Lopez Gifts Fiance Alex Rodriguez The Best Present Ever!

Jennifer Lopez Gifts Fiance Alex Rodriguez The Best Present Ever!
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At this point, it feels like Jennifer Lopez and her man, Alex Rodriguez are in a competition over who can give the other the better present! That being said, his epic birthday gift seemed impossible to top but it sounds like she may have just done it!

For his 44th birthday, J.Lo. bought her fiancé a blue, vintage Ford Bronco and judging by his post, alex Rodriguez is definitely overjoyed about it!

‘@jlo thank you for the best gift,’ he posted on social media.

Later on, he returned to the platform to share a clip of the two of them driving the car around and listening to ‘Cardi B with the caption: ‘Top down. Sunny day. Radio on.’

A spokesperson from Vintage Broncos based in Atlanta, where Jen bought the car from told E! News why the vehicle is so special.

‘It's a very rare and special Bronco that Jen picked out and personalized for Alex. It is a 1976 restomod meaning it has been restored and while it looks vintage, it's been upgraded with modern luxuries.’

The said modern upgrades include heated seats, AC, backup camera, new diamond stitched upholstery, Bluetooth stereo and LED headlights!

And that is not even all! Lopez made sure to ask for the number 13, Rodriguez’s jersey number, to be stitched on the armrest in between the front seats!

Furthermore, the Yankee logo was embossed on the floor mats, to personalize the car even more.

Apparently, the total price of the restoration is of about $200,000!

This comes after he previously gifted her a $140,000 custom Porsche for her birthday!

A source dished to E! News at the time that ‘It came with a big gold bow on it and was delivered to their house. The license plate says JLO.’


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