Jennifer Lopez Defends Her And Shakira's Super Bowl Performance - It Was Meant To Be 'Empowering'

Jennifer Lopez Defends Her And Shakira's Super Bowl Performance - It Was Meant To Be 'Empowering'
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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira definitely rocked the stage like no others at the Super Bowl. However, there was also an empowering message behind it all and J.Lo. wants people to understand it. Here is what the star had to say about it!

As you probably know, the show, despite being  high energy, making political statements and also history through the fact that it was the first time that two Latina artists headlined the prestigious Halftime show, it was not received that well.

The reason why the performance that featured J.Lo. and Shakira was criticized was that it was over-sexualized and obviously, not kid friendly, as a result.

However, Jennifer is now setting the record straight about it, arguing that the message of their set was meant to be empowering.

While in attendance at the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards, J.Lo. told E! News that ‘It was an amazing moment for us. The message was about women and Latinos raising their voices and just stepping up. And also not being afraid to stand up for yourselves.’

Not only that, but even though people say it was not kid-friendly, she revealed that she also wanted it to be meaningful to her daughter, Emme, 11, who even appeared on stage alongside her mom and Shakira last week.

‘Everything I want to pass onto, not just my daughter, but onto all the little girls [who were] on that stage... to be proud of who you are, to speak up for yourself, know your worth and your value. That was the message. I think that for women everywhere, that was the message,’ she explained.

As for how she felt to have her daughter on stage with her during that special night, the triple threat made it clear that it was a dream come true. What did you think of the performance?

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