Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Relationship Reportedly 'Very Real' After Rumors That They Have Reunited!

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Relationship Reportedly 'Very Real' After Rumors That They Have Reunited!
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According to some new insider reports, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have indeed reunited! That being said, the sources say the exes are currently, 'going with the flow!'

While fans have been seeing more and more posts and news about them hanging out lately, especially after J.Lo's split from Alex Rodriguez, a couple of insiders argued they were just friends.

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However, the latest news is that another romance between them is actually 'happening!'

They are supposedly taking a 'casual' approach to their relationship this time around but still, they are more than just friendly exes!

This and more was told by a source close to them via HollywoodLife!

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'Things between Ben and Jennifer are very casual right now, but it’s happening. They’re taking things very slow. She has always said in interviews that he’s the one that got away and she really means it. They are just going with the flow right now and not overthinking it or putting pressure on it. Everyone thought that this was just for the press, but it is not. It is very real,' the insider told the news outlet.

Ben and Jen were just on a week-long vacation over the Mother's Day weekend and they have been hanging out a lot since J.Lo's split from now-former fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

But since she and Ben have been friendly for years, it was not a clear sign that they had rekindled their romance.

As you might remember, back in the early 2000s, Benifer was one of the most iconic couples in the industry.

They broke up in 2004 after a short engagement but diehard fans have been holding onto the hope that one day, Benifer would be a thing again!


Well, while the stars themselves are yet to confirm they are in a romantic relationship now, it really appears like they might finally get their wish!

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