Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Pack The PDA During Outing With Their Kids Amid Reunion Reports!

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Pack The PDA During Outing With Their Kids Amid Reunion Reports!
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are yet to confirm their romance, but the public is well aware that they are indeed back together, especially after the latest paparazzi clip made its way to the internet!

As you know, Benifer rekindled their romance, seemingly back in April, and they have been inseparable ever since!

But aside from travelling together, hanging out at each other's houses quite a lot and some unnamed insider reports, there were no definite signs they weren't anything more than friends - until now!

That's right! The reunited couple was caught on camera packing the PDA, not trying to hide their love, even with their kids there!

At the time, Ben and Jen were having dinner at Nobu in Malibu but their delicious meal came with sweet kisses as well!

The clip shows Jennifer rubbing her actor beau's face as she leans in for a kiss.

Then he nuzzles her neck and whispers something in her ear that makes the triple threat giggle!

Judging by the video, there is no doubt that the OG Hollywood stars are not only back together but also more in love than ever!

Also in the same clip, Jennifer's 13 year old son, Max can be seen approaching the adults to show them something on his phone.

Benifer, however, was not bothered at all that he'd seen the PDA, which suggests that at this point in the relationship, the kids are already used to it and quite comfortable around Ben as well!

Page Six also mentioned that the pair and the kids were at the restaurant to celebrate the birthday of Jen's sister so the rest of the family must be comfortable with Ben as well!


Furthermore, one eyewitness told HollywoodLife that 'Everyone was extremely comfortable with one another and Ben was also giving a lot of his attention to Jen’s kids. There was no awkwardness with their PDA and everyone was having a really good time. They seemed to be in a really great mood with each other.'

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